About Me

This page is designed to give you an idea about my experience and technical background in industry and in academia. You can connect with me on the LinkedIn professional network here if you like.

Company Foundations

A.J.Feneley Engineering Consultancy was formed in Spring 2015 whilst I was entering the second year of my PhD at Brunel University London. I was becoming in demand for projects that would be external to my studies, and decided that the best way to harness the demand, and to display my availability to prospective clients, would be the formation of this company. I am a mechanical engineer, registered with the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (with whom I hope to soon attain chartered status), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

My past in industry and academia

Prior to the formations of this company, I have had a fruitful history of success in both industry and academia, winning multiple awards for the quality of my work in the fields of writing and engineering. At the age of 18 I begun a 5 year study on a Masters degree in motorsport engineering at Brunel University London, chosen for it’s excellence in various engine technologies. During this period I spent a fantastic year in industry with BMW Group in Oxford as a process planning engineer for future MINI models; I learnt huge amounts about large scale manufacturing techniques and how cars are designed and manufactured, from the concept inception to the point a model is rolling from the production line. I was fortunate to have had an excellent manager who allowed me to take responsibility on some very large projects, as well as design some production equipment and their process.

Invigorated by my opportunities in industry I came back to university more motivated than ever. This drive saw me excel in my final two years, and comfortably attain a First Class degree. For my final year I embarked on a major group project in what, at the time, was a new area for me; turbomachinery. After performing an aerodynamic re-design project on a variable geometry turbine, my group and I won an award from Jaguar Land Rover for our success. Upon completion I was offered a place in the universities high-performing engine research group, the Centre for Advanced Powertrain and Fuels (CAPF). I continued my study in the area of turbines and compressors, primarily for automotive use, in the form a PhD entitled ” Turbocharger Aerothermal Design Optimisation under Realistic Engine Conditions for Low Carbon Vehicles”. During my first year a received an award from the Vice Chancellor of the university for the presentation and substance of my research, despite only being in its early stages.


Apart from the obvious learning benefits, the PhD route has opened up many opportunities to meet inventors, people from industry and other academics. Many of these have exciting projects with which they are looking for help on a consulting basis, and so A.J.Feneley Engineering Consultancy was born. Throughout the coming years, I hope to broaden my business by taking on an array challenging projects from different sectors.

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