The Company

A history of A.J.Feneley Engineering Consultancy, along with the statement of the companies aims and areas of operation.

A.J.Feneley Engineering Consultancy

A.J.Feneley Engineering Consultancy was formed in June 2015 in West London, UK.

Our Aim

We aim to provide a professional and high quality service to our clients in design engineering, mechanical analysis, performance prediction, intellectual property applications and producing one-off bespoke components.

The Approach

  • Professional

I work under the umbrella of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, who support and monitor my development in business and in academia. I’m also a member of ASME and the IET.

  • Client Centred

I work to understand the clients business and their needs, to ensure my work has the maximum positive impact on yours.

  • High Quality

I strive to produce work of a quality that I am proud to present to anyone. Functionality and aesthetics are both of great importance.

  • Experienced

I bring a wealth of engineering experience, and have the capacity and network to draw upon the knowledge of experts in academia in industry where neccessary.


Further Areas of Operation

Aside from the engineering work, we are in partnership with a vastly experienced graphic designer who worked with Boots Pharmaceuticals, UEFA Champions League and Hallmark Cards amoungst other prestigious clients. Through this connect we can offer a full service to budding inventors or people with ideas for a new product; from patent drawings and manufacturing through to corporate identity, website design and logo adorned stationary.

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